The Truck Trunk BANNER

Q: Does The Truck Trunk require mounting?
A: No, The Truck Trunk drops into the pre molded slots in the sides of your truck bed.

Q: What if I have a bed liner?
A: Most bed liners have the molded slots in them.

Q: What if I need the use of my entire truck bed?
A: Simply lift The Truck Trunk up & out of the bed.

Q: Does The Truck Trunk come in different sizes?
A: The Truck Trunk is designed to adjust from 52" to 70" across.

Q: Will it fit in my truck?
A: The Truck Trunk is designed to fit most Dodge, Ford, GMC, Chevy, Nissan, & Toyota trucks - including midsize, full size & dually's. The Truck Trunk will also fit in most work vans with the pre molded slots.

Q: Is the distance from the slots to the tailgate the same in all trucks?
A: No, for this reason, The Truck Trunk is designed to adjust from 12" to 22" deep.

Q: How does the arm work?
A: You adjust the arm to the desired location by sliding it back & forth, it is supported & held in place when the tailgate is closed.

Q: Can I get additional arms?
A: Yes, depending on manufacturing, The Truck Trunk may come with 2 arms or additional arms may be sold separately.